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Graphic Designer / artist

Maryam Al-Tajer is a fine arts honor graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University. Her approach to art and design is primarily contemporary and poetic. She is passionate about breaking the rules of calligraphy and the formation of Arabic words. Maryam explores different ways of portraying calligraphy by experimenting with various methods and mediums, and her contemporary artworks have been showcased locally in the middle east region and globally in galleries and exhibitions in Europe and America. Her diverse artworks and sculptures reflect her feelings, emotions, and poetic thoughts about different subjects.

EXHIBITIONS and art residencies


Cité Internationale des Arts (Paris)

Katara Art Studios (Qatar)


Zari (solo)
Inner Conversations - Paris (solo)
Namaa Gallery (M7)

Katara Universal Pottery Exhibition

Tasmeem Design Festival (vcuq)

We Are Not Leaving (ajyal)

Colorful Emotions (solo)

Qatar Art Spots

Memories In Print

Tribute To Beirut

KatArt Preview

Nuqta The End Of The Line

Living In A Digital World

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